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Welcome to the blog

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Hey there! I’m Briana.  I love decorating and motherhood. The two don’t often mix very well, especially if you have a pumpkin throwing toddler, but I still have fun with it. Christmas is my favorite time to decorate, and it should be interesting with a 1 year old babe.


Here in this blog, you’ll get a little mix of everything. You’ll find home decor, DIY, motherhood, the occasional recipe, and a little bit of my style sprinkled in. And, we’re sort of in-between two homes. We have a small place at the lake back in New Hampshire, while we reside full time at our home in Minnesota. 


Anything that goes on in our life, you can find under lifestyle posts. There’s a few fashion posts, a few recipes, travel, motivational posts and other shenanigans. 

Home Decor and DIY

I was the kid who got the craft kits for Christmas. I made this doormat, with the help of my [Cricut]. I find energy in crafting and making my house feel more like a home. My toddler drains any remaining energy.

Where’s the coffee?


Sharing tips that I find useful for wrangling tiny humans.
 I also write the occasional catch-up and what’s going on in mom-land.
I’m winging motherhood any my eyeliner one day at a time.

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