Our trip to Sardinia, Italy!

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As I write this, I’m sipping on some Italian prosecco trying to pretend I’m still in Sardinia! Sardinia is an island off of Italy in the Mediterranean Sea. Everywhere we looked there was beautiful ocean and gorgeous yachts.

I’m not kidding, we saw the second largest yacht in the world. It’s essentially a cruise ship. Rumor has it that it has a submarine in case the extremely wealthy person needs to escape quickly. I wish I was that important.

Poltu Quatu in Sardinia

We stayed in a hotel in Poltu Quatu arranged by my husband’s work! (Technically, I work at the same place, but I’m not in sales. This is only for the sales department.) He was kicking ass at his job, and the top performers in the company get to attend the ‘President’s Club’ trip that changes every year. This year, it was in Sardinia!

You might be thinking…didn’t you just have a baby?  Yes. Yes I did. I wouldn’t have planned a vacation with my babe being so young, but when my sister-in-law volunteered almost immediately to watch our babe, all the pieces fell into place. (Thanks again, Becca!) I was able to maintain my supply while away. If you are a breastfeeding mum, you should check it out! It is possible to travel and maintain your supply and I explain how in my post.

I took a lot of pictures of rocks and cacti. My husband was laughing at my fascination with the rocks and cacti. In my defense, I had never seen a real cactus. I have seen mini ones at Home Depot, but never large ones in person. And the rock formations were in these crazy shapes that left you questioning how they got that way.

Don’t let his smile fool you, he did not want to take a picture next to the rock. Do you see how its worn away from underneath and it’s just hanging there? It was so intriguing, but I won’t bore you with all my rock pictures.

Maddalena Island

We ventured out a bit, all planned by the event planner. We took a boat tour to La Maddalena, a town on another island, Maddalena Island.

Arriving at Maddalena Island.
Arriving at Maddalena Island.

Is #instagramwife a thing? #jeffreyneedsanewhat

Arriving back at Poltu Quatu.
Arriving back at Poltu Quatu. #jeffreyneedsanewhat

Off Road Tour

The next day, we took a tour off roading in a Land Rover Defender to a small quiet village in Sardinia.

It was quaint and serene, and we learned a lot from our fantastic tour guide! He was an interesting man; he spoke 7 languages and lived all around the world.

#instagramwife #jeffreyneedsanewhat
#instagramwife #jeffreyneedsanewhat

According to the tour guide, the trees in the picture above are small flower bushes everywhere else in the world. For some strange reason, in Sardinia they grow into tall trees. These trees are only 6 years old.

It’s like the hole was built for him.

The tour guide also told us another interesting fact. Everything built on the island has to be built into the surrounding rock. You can’t bulldoze any of the mountains, or change the landscape. Everything has to be strategically built in. You won’t see a skyscraper on the island.


Wait a second, are we in King's Landing?
Wait a second, are we in King’s Landing?
Floating door of doom.
Floating door of doom. hehe.

Beaches in Sardinia

The island has around 1,200 miles of beaches and on the last day we got to explore one.

Final Thoughts

The event planner arranged a “white” party for the last night.

The event planner at our company did a fantastic job organizing the entire event! On the last night, we went to a club that was built to look like a castle and it had trees growing everywhere inside. It was amazing, and unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of it because it was dark. However, it was called “Ritual Club” so you can check it out online if you are ever traveling to Sardinia! I highly recommend it.

Overall, the trip was amazing! The island and culture was unlike anything I’ve experienced before! If we had more time, we would have expanded our trip to explore other parts of Europe, but with our babe at home, we were already pushing it.

Is Sardinia on your bucket list?

Below is a slideshow of all the photos above incase it’s easier to view in slideshow format.

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