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It’s official, my husband and I have been living in Minnesota for a year. For those that don’t know, we moved because he got a promotion that was the next step for his career. Living in Minnesota has exceeded my expectations!

When I first heard about the potential position in Minnesota, I didn’t know what to think. Minnesota, at the very least, seemed completely random. Minnesota is 1,500 miles away from New Hampshire (where we moved from). I hadn’t been to the Midwest before, and Minnesota? What’s out there?

We took this picture a whole year ago, when we closed on our house! A lot has changed since this picture, I chopped and dyed my hair… and we have a little love bug in our family now. Fun fact: I was 4-5 weeks preggo here. (And the coffee is decaf of course.)

I still miss my Dunks.

Is it cold living in Minnesota?

So let’s address the elephant in the room… is it really that cold? When we started to tell family and friends we were moving out here, everyone and their brother said, “Minnesota is cold.” REPEATEDLY. If I had a dollar for every time someone told me that Minnesota was cold, my husband could have turned down the job. *drumroll please* IT IS COLD. But it’s really not that bad living in Minnesota. On average, it gets about 10 degrees colder than NH where we moved from. We’re New Englanders! We can handle the cold! We did see it drop to about -15°F and that was really cold. However, I wasn’t hanging outside in the blizzards in NH, so as you can guess, I’m not hanging out outside in Minnesota in the middle of January. It actually snows less here; that’s a bonus.

And for whatever reason, everyone assumes since it’s colder in the winter that it’s colder in the summer too, but that’s completely false. It’s actually warmer here and nice weather almost all summer. Back in NH, I felt like I could never wear summer clothes because I’m always cold. It also rained a lot in the summers. Here in Minnesota, it’s usually around 85°F give or take a few degrees. The summers here are GORGEOUS. I am convinced that’s why people live here year round. They deal with the crap winters, for the amazing summers.

What do I miss?

I miss family and friends of course, but I’m naturally an introvert (and an INTJ) so keeping to myself is my thing. It was actually a little refreshing when we moved out here, because we always had a million things to do when we were in NH. Birthday parties, weddings, holidays, cookouts, family dinners, or even a simple weekend at the lake occupied every single weekend. We never had a free weekend. When we moved here, we had nothing to do but to explore. I actually had TIME TO START A BLOG. Would you look at that? (But now with my little babe, blogging is a different story.)

I miss my old house because we designed everything about it. It will always hold a special place in my heart.

We miss some of the restaurants back in NH, but other than that, life is good out here! We live in a nice area and if we choose to stay permanently, the schools here are phenomenal. I would love to get my little girl into some good schools! They are way better here than back home.

I miss the ocean. But funny thing is, Jeff and I went to the beach only twice when we lived on the east coast. It’s knowing that it’s not there feels weird or something, I don’t know. I also didn’t realize I’d miss the mountains. When I went home for my cousin’s bachelorette party, we stayed in the gorgeous cabin in the mountains. Minnesota is flat flat flat.

There is a certain convenience to being near family and friends that I miss. I’m the co-matron of honor in my cousin’s wedding (it was her bachelorette that I just went to), and I can’t do as much as I’d like. I didn’t get to see her try on wedding dresses. My sister-in-law ran the Boston marathon and it was terrible missing that.

THE WORST THING is probably not seeing our nieces and nephews because they are growing so fast and in 6 months they change so much.


Just like how us New-Englanders have an accent, so do Minnesotans. They drag their Os and really make the “O” sound. MinnesOOOOOta. They also say “enjoy the nice weather” when spring starts and it’s only 40°F. The first time I heard it, I smirked, because I thought the person was kidding. Then it kept happening. So strange.

There’s also this thing called “Minnesota nice.” Not all Minnesotans do this, but I’ve run into it a few times. It seems like they are being nice, but they really aren’t. For example let’s say you got a haircut. They might say, “Oh you changed your hair!” without actually complementing it.

Isn’t it the land of 10,000 lakes or something?

According to Wikipedia, there are actually over 15,000 lakes. It’s really nice being near lakes. My husband and I spent so much time at Lake Winnesquam in NH. I thought I’d miss it, but with a ton of lakes only a stone’s throw away, I can get my lake fix easily!

Isn’t there a big mall there?

YES. The Mall of America! It’s the biggest mall in the country. The mall is huge and there are a lot of cool stores that you can’t find at a standard mall. It’s fun to go there and it’s only about a half hour from our house.

How’s your marriage? Do you want to kill each other yet?

Honestly, our marriage is stronger living in Minnesota. We’re a rare breed, we both work from home and we don’t have much of a social life out here, so we are literally together 24/7. Let’s back up real quick… everyone always assumes we came out here and we’d work in an office, but he covers the territory out here so he visits partners that work with the company. There is no office. I also work for the same company, and my boss is super cool and let me keep my job and work remote.

Anyway, back to our marriage. It’s fantastic, and now we have a little one to raise! It makes my heart melt every time he holds her. (Read our birth story!)

What’s next?

I still need a GPS to get everywhere, but I’m figuring it out. I can get to the gym and the grocery store without the GPS so that’s something. I’m starting to recognize locations, so I’m hoping in the next year I can get comfortable going to the airport or the malls without the GPS. We’ll see what the next year brings us while we are living in Minnesota!

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