Our family photos!

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Let’s set the scene. We scheduled our family photos for late October and when the day came it was a mere 35°F (2°C) outside. Winter came fast this year in Minnesota. (Read about our first year in Minnesota!)

As you can imagine, our little girl was not a happy camper. She is usually extra smiley, but you’ll notice that we didn’t get many photos of her smiling.

We spent a lot of time running to the car trying to warm her back up.

Even though it was FREEZING outside, I am still really pleased with how our photos came out! Working with Christa, from Christa Reed Photography was awesome. She was great to work with and she is a really talented photographer. If you are looking to get photos for any occasion (and you live in the Minnesota area) check out her website!

Without further ado…



UGH. This just makes my heart melt.


She has recently discovered her tongue.


I can’t even explain how much I love this little girl <3







I think these came out pretty great! Now it’s time to make a gallery wall.

Thanks for stopping in.

– Briana

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