My baby is 9 months old!

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My little Madison is 9 months old! She’s been outside the womb for about as long as she was inside. You can read our birth story. I’m excited to have written this post now because I will have a reminder of these good times when she’s a teenager and isn’t obsessed with me anymore.

She’s basically a leech. I can’t put her down or she’ll scream. Yeah, my arm feels like it’s going to fall off, but I appreciate how I’m her favorite person in the world right now.

From experience, here are the requirements to be a parent:

  • You must be able to change modern pop songs into baby themed songs. Ex. Ms. New Booty (Remember this 2005 jam? Damn. I’m old.) now becomes “Boogie boogie boogie rockin’ everywhere.”
  • You must be able to do all of your regular daily tasks one handed with your leech on your hip.
  • The bathroom is now a shared event. You always use the buddy system.
  • Be careful where you “blow raspberries”. The public restroom can make things awkward.

Baby Stats

Madison is 26.75 inches tall (20%), 19lbs 3oz (69%), and her head is 44.3cm (66%). I am kind of surprised about the height one though. She’s been in 12 month clothes for a while now, so I wonder if the measurement was a smidge off.

She loves standing and staring at her reflection. She also doesn’t wear pants ever, so she’s living her best life.

What she’s up to

She is speed crawling and no object is left unturned. She’s a professional crumb finder and when she’s not finding crumbs she’s pulling herself up on the furniture. Just today, she figured out how to clap with us! She figured out high-five about a week ago. Madison smiles from ear to ear when she can understand when we say “high-five” or “clap”. It’s a smile I don’t ever want to forget.

When we walk by her dad’s home office, she will say “da-da” even if he’s not there. It’s the cutest. Madison always whispers it when she sees him too. There was also this fluke moment where I held a toy phone to my head and said, “hello!” and she mimicked me. My husband and I quickly looked at each other in shock and disbelief; she hasn’t done it since.

Madison doesn’t have any teeth yet, and she still doesn’t really sleep through the night. I know she will eventually, but I really miss sleep—a girl can dream, right? Oh…wait a second.

How mom life has impacted me

I’ve been in a slump and when I talked to the doctor about it, we discovered I had symptoms of post-partum depression and anxiety. However, I haven’t taken the medicine she prescribed because after I talked to Madison’s pediatrician, she mentioned that side effects for her could be JITTERS (since I am nursing). I know I am supposed to take care of myself, but I would hate to put my little baby through that.

It was surprising when I realized I have post-partum depression. I thought it would slap me in the face with a feeling of strong dislike for my baby. I thought I would feel disconnected from her, but I love her more than words can describe. I was at the doctors filling out that survey, and that’s when I realized. Wait a second… I have this symptom… and this one… and THIS ONE TOO. It was important that I realized this, and now I can be proactive about doing other things to help besides medication. It all began to make sense as to why I’ve been feeling so crappy all the time.

Once I wean, I’ll worry about myself. I know it’s important, but I’ve felt significantly worse in the past, and I’m not that low yet. I can watch myself for now. She doesn’t take the bottle unless there is pureed fruit inside. Any formula or even pumped breast milk she won’t take from a bottle. I’ve been trying to mix baby fruit and formula and she’ll take a little bit at a time. I guess it takes… baby steps.

Overall, I love being a mom

These past nine months have been an exciting whirlwind. Some days I think I can’t wait for another baby. Today, I made a stiff drink at 4 PM because she had been crying for an hour. Handed her to dad and she was fine. Nothing was wrong. Go figure. I’m thankful my husband works from home on days like today.

I know when she’s older I’ll look back on these days and miss them, but today I’ll enjoy my Makers on the rocks.

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