Taking the bottle

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The baby that wouldn’t take a bottle, finally took a bottle.

On February 3, 2019, my little girl finally took not just one, but two bottles of formula. No added fruit to the mix, just straight formula, straight from a bottle.

She is 10 months old and this is the most exciting thing to happen to us. I literally wanted to scream with joy that my little girl finally took a bottle.

Let me tell you. I tried every bottle and every formula. Slow flow, medium flow. Breastmilk. NOTHING.

This caused bumps in the road

That’s part of what factored in to me quitting my job. Madison wouldn’t take the bottle at day care. So, she wasn’t eating much during the day. I’d go there on my lunch, pick her cute butt up, and bring her home so I could nurse her. At the time, she was taking a really long afternoon nap, so I could work in the afternoon without any hiccups.

But because she wasn’t eating much during the day, she’d wake me up 2-3 times a night and it was never ending. It was draining not sleeping at night and then having to get up and work during the day. To say I was a zombie was an understatement.

I like breastfeeding, but having no other option had me feeling trapped. We tried, and tried. She would not take anything unless it was a boob. I would get so frustrated at her resistance to the bottle that I may or may not have chucked a few bottles across the room at times.

Unexpected breakthrough

I made a breakthrough when I decided to just give her a physical glass right before she turned 9 months. I added a teeny bit of pureed fruit to the formula, and gave her a mini wine glass and she drank it. Who knew that she’d drink from a wine glass (of all things).

After an entire month of these wine glass shenanigans, I tried the bottle with no pureed fruit and to my surprise SHE TOOK IT. As I mentioned earlier, I wanted to scream it from the rooftops. I crouched down in the kitchen, leaning up against the island, with my hands to my face. I was in pure shock.

I don’t know if I can relay how trapped I felt. I just literally had a ball and chain and now knowing that she now will take the bottle, it was like a weight was lifted off my shoulder.

We’re now down to two “boobs” a day. I’m sad that my little girl is less dependent on me, but it would have happened eventually. Our nursing sessions are the only true time we get to cuddle. She hates cuddling otherwise. That’s life though—she may not be one yet, but she’s always growing up and changing each day.

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