Your Toddler Travel Guide

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My kiddo is just over a year old, but I think that these tips will be handy for the older kiddos too. We had a great couple of flights, so I thought I’d create a handy toddler travel guide.

Traveling with a toddler should be considered an extreme sport. I hope that this toddler travel guide can help make your trip a little easier.

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Our travel

We traveled “home” to NH to visit family and we had to meet with our excavation guy that is working on our lake house property. Blog series coming soon on all the lake house shenanigans!

On the flight to Boston, she was a little fussy, but I know it could have been way worse.

On the flight back to Minnesota (BOS to MSP), she was good. Like freakishly good. Like…. momma-got-a-little-bit-of-sleep good.

If you plan on traveling a few times, even if it’s just once a year, I’d recommend signing up for TSA Precheck or Global Entry. The line is always dramatically shorter and you don’t have to rip your bag apart. We have it and we LOVE IT.

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Through the airport

Update 7/24/19:


This is my new favorite invention. I only wish I thought of it myself. I can travel without the stroller and just use this suitcase!

Before she was walking and crawling, we only [brought this carrier] through the airport. I cannot say enough good things about this carrier. I mean, IT HAS POCKETS. POCKETS, PEOPLE. POCKETS.

I know there are pictures of me wearing her, but I can’t find any! Here’s a picture form when she was about 6 months old. I still wear her with this same amazing carrier.

In [this carrier] I am able to put diapers, a small wipe pack (or half empty full size pack), sanitizing wipes, an extra outfit rolled up (a one piece – like footie pjs), a small toy, my keys, and my phone. I’m not kidding. I fit all of that crap in this carrier.

For this latest flight, we decided to [bring the stroller] and gate check it. Her big butt gets heavy when I wear her in the carrier for too long. I was so thankful to have the stroller for this trip!

Our [stroller] is seriously soooo simple to collapse and it’s works with the newborn car seat too. (It’s one of those click-connect strollers). All you need is one hand to collapse it, it locks into the collapsed position, and then it’s light enough to carry while juggling your baby in the other hand. I’ve linked it through Walmart (free 2 day shipping! WOOT WOOT!).

This isn’t me (obviously). But, this lady isn’t lying about how easy it is to carry this stroller!

We bought a [new car seat] for this trip. My husband needed one for his car anyway. Our regular car seat is not FAA approved and this new one was.

To carry the carseat through the airport, we bought this [fancy strap] to attach it to our carry-on suitcase. And my use of ‘fancy’ here is an embellishment. It’s a basic strap, but it’s a convenient strap.

Convenient strap holding the car seat to the suitcase.

Also, a lot of airports have family bathrooms and those are game changers. First, I sanitize every surface we will touch with sanitizing wipes. Then, my husband and I tag team a diaper change. One of us pins down our monkey, while the other changes the diaper.

If you are a nursing momma or even if you aren’t keep an eye out for the nursing rooms! I had brought my kiddo in there for a few minutes to stretch even though I don’t nurse her anymore. If there is a clean place at an airport, I’d imagine it’d be a nursing station.

Items needed through the airport:

On the plane

When choosing your airline, try to choose one that has TVs in the seat. We flew Delta this time. That was a key to keeping our little girl occupied. Sure, you can bring an iPad with shows, but who is going to hold it? You? I know my little girl will throw things when she’s angry. Let’s not throw the iPad. Thanks.

If you can, splurge on the extra seat for your kid. (Or, if your kid is over 2 you have to buy it anyway.) It was nice having the extra room and since it was the three of us, we had the whole row to ourselves. Having her strapped in the car seat also helped. I bet if we didn’t have it, she would have been squirmy and tried to run around. I said this above, but you need to make sure that your car seat is FAA approved. [We bought this one for the flight].

We bought these [adorable headphones] that she was able to wear instead of your traditional headphones. They look like a winter fleece headband. She left them on her head instead of ripping them off.

How cute are these headphones?! P.S. My husband wears the same red shirt when we travel, and I’m just noticing it now as I’m looking through the photos. What a weirdo.

Now—I need to put in a little disclaimer here. I know the TV is not good for children, but desperate times call for desperate measures. A little TV strictly on the plane never hurt nobody. We don’t watch TV at home.

We also swear by [these bibs]. I’ve been using them since she was old enough to eat puffs and sit up because while we’re strolling through Costco, I add the little snack in there and she can easily reach in and feed herself.

FAA approved car seat and silicone bib for snackingggg.

This girl ate a lot of cheerios on the flight home and I’m not apologizing.

I went to the target dollar section right before the flight and bought a bunch of little trinkets that I wouldn’t care if we lost. She also LOVES books, so we bought a few new books she hadn’t seen before. I’ve also heard of moms wrapping the little toys to keep their kids busy longer, but I haven’t tried that one yet.

Items needed on the plane:

  • [Cozy headphones] for TV or ipad
  • Snacks. ALL THE SNACKS.
  • [Silicone Bib] to eat ALL THE SNACKS.
  • Sanitizing wipes
  • Favorite toys, and in our case, books
  • Dollar store toys

You can view all the toddler travel guide items we used in my amazon store.

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