I think I’m good with one kid.

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Let’s get right to the point: My kid fell out of the Target cart today.

I was looking at kid tents for her because I figured she’d like them, but I was confused because they don’t sell all the parts you need in one box. Should have started on Amazon. When I was trying to figure out the tent situation, I heard a slap as she hit the ground. As I am writing this, I just placed my head in my hands for a second. I’m embarrassed to be admitting that this happened. An employee gasped.

I quickly scooped up my screaming kid and I was almost in tears. How could I have let this happen?

She calmed down rather quickly, but as I walked around the store I felt as though everyone was staring because they knew. Did the employee announce it over the intercom? Do I have “bad mom” taped to my back? Are the “eyes” going to come and grab me and take me away? (… Handmaid’s tale anyone?)

As I left the store, a wave of relief bubbled up as laughter. I was laughing like an insane person all by myself in the parking lot. It’s not funny that she fell out of the cart, I was laughing thinking about the pure insanity of having a toddler.

By unrelated reasons, I cried two additional times today about mommin’. I’ve heard there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, but this tunnel is long. Like really long, and you don’t get any naps. The main reason I went to Target was because I was painfully bored. She enjoys Target and squeals when she’s the Target dog that decorates the dollar section.

Moms are warriors.

How do moms of more than one kid do it?! HOW?!? I see moms of four and five kids on Instagram and I’m questioning how are these women alive. My mother-in-law has a calm, laid-back demeanor and I’ve decided it’s because she had three kids in three years. If I was her, my imaginary second baby would be two months old. I can’t imagine having two right now. She very well could have always been relaxed, but I’m betting having three kids must have influenced her a little. Now I’m giggling thinking of her imaginary inner monologue. “You think this is a big deal? I had three toddlers at one time. This is nothing.”

I would walk through fire for my little girl, but man THIS IS HARD.

I hereby declare moms need mandatory spa days weekends that include unlimited wine. K? K.

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