Mom Life – June 2019

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I told myself I was going to post one of these every month. She changes so quickly, I wanted to try to remember it all. I missed May completely. I’m forgot to post this one in June, and it’s NOW July 23rd. Womp womp.

In June, I wrote:

I’m sad, my baby’s soft spot is all gone.

I’m writing this from the luxury of my bed and I’m shoving my face with Cheez-its because my husband can’t stop me. He’s on yet another trip. I should have sat on his side of the bed to get the Cheez-it crumbs over there. ICYMI: My husband travels A LOT for work which leaves me alone with my babe.

My house is an absolute disaster, but instead of cleaning I’m complaining to you about it. Like, it’s reallllyyy bad. My daughter left a lego conveniently on every stair so with every passing step I am reminded of the mess I am avoiding.

Every day she runs into my closet and swipes all the shoes off the shelves she can reach. Every. Freakin. Day. The Zamboni of the shelves—cleaning everything off and starting fresh. I really don’t know why I bother—it’s becoming the motto for the rest of the house… ‘why bother?’

I got into the habit of showering at the gym during the week because I can’t shower with my tornado running around and squawking at me when she decides I’ve taken too long. I never would have thought that showering in a locker room communal shower would be something I look forward to.

She also squawks at me anytime I step behind my kitchen island. It’s like she associates me in the kitchen with food and won’t stop angrily signing “more” unless I give her something to munch on.

She does not squawk at my husband though, so of course, he doesn’t get it. Doesn’t matter anyway, because he’s gone all the time. I’m not being passive aggressive, no not me. Never. I’m eye rolling hard as I type this.

When we walk into Target she squeals and points when she sees the silly target dog that decorates the dollar section. It’s super adorable, super loud, and slightly embarrassing. At Target today (6/8/19), she started saying ‘ball’ clear as day. She was pointing to all the balls. My immature mind doesn’t like typing out balls. But seriously, she kept pointing at anything that was round and saying “ball” throughout the store. She kind of mumbles da-da frequently, but “ball” is the first word that she says repeatedly and clearly. Excited mommy moment.

Update (6/10/19): She started saying “No” today. Scared mommy moment.

Update (6/18/19): She started throwing temper tantrums. It’s just a big ball of fun over here.

Update (6/24/19): …. you can just read about the mess of a day because it has it’s own separate blog post.

It’s nice that it’s warm out now because we can play outside and she loves it. I’m looking forward to our lake house being ready. If you’ve been keeping up on my instagram, we’re pretty much just waiting on the power. (Should be 4-6 weeks to get the new pole. I’m DYING for it to done.)

That’s kind of it. She loves exploring, climbing, and eating. Baby Toddler stuff I presume.

Also, the cheez-its were my dinner btw. Send help.

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