Kitchen Gadgets We Love: Cyber Monday Sale!

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If you notice in the title of this post, I put “we” because my husband is the better chef in the house. Let it be known that I still cook for our family, but he is better at it. He’s also quite the gadget aficionado, so I spent some time combing the internet to see if our favorite gadgets were on sale!

Let’s jump right in. I’ve linked the exact products we use or a better/cheaper option that I wish we had instead. I’m always hunting for great deals!

Disclosure: Some of the links below in this article are affiliate links. At no additional cost to you, I can earn a commission if you click through the links and make a purchase. Your purchases support my dream of blogging! Thanks for the support! I truly appreciate it!

Pasta Maker

We recently got a pasta maker and I’m serious when I say we are OBSESSED. I don’t want to go back to box pasta. It’s just sooo good when you make it yourself. The cool thing is, we make a bunch, and keep it in the freezer. It’s good for one-two months frozen. This pasta maker is really easy to use. You place all the ingredients in, and it spits the pasta out for you. You just have to stand there and cut it at whatever length you want the noodles to be.

ACT FAST: This one was hard to find, and each site I found it at only had a few left. It’s normally $299 and it’s on sale for $199. You can find it on sale at [Walmart] or [Amazon].

Air Fryer

We actually have two of these. We have one here in Minnesota and one at our lake house.

I like the one that we have at the lake house better because it doubles as a toaster, so it’s one less item to have on your counter. I’m only going to link that one because it’s $60 off for Cyber Monday AND it’s the one I prefer out of the two. Here’s the link:

Sous Vide

The sous vide is a really cool gadget. We mainly use it for meats, but it can do other things too. It cooks steaks/chicken/salmon perfectly and makes it really tender.

If you haven’t seen one before, you attach it to a large pot and the device actually controls the water temperature. We add a vacuum sealed bag with marinated steak (or whatever you want) and it maintains the temperature of the water so it can cook properly and stay tender. After it’s done cooking, you can reverse sear it when done. (Searing it after versus before).

It’s on sale for $79 and you can save an extra $11 with a coupon in cart:

Pressure Cooker

I’ve been loving our pressure cooker lately. Great for making soups and rice (and it does a bunch of other things too.)

The one we have:

But, to be honest, I wish we had this one because it has a sauté feature (and it’s sale price is cheaper than ours! It’s 50% off!!):

That’s all I could find for good sales! I wanted to list other items, but they didn’t have a good sale for them.

Left to right: [Air Fryer Toaster] [Pressure Cooker/Instant Pot] [Sous Vide] [Pasta Maker]

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