My baby is 18 months!

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I may have mentioned this before, but I love writing these. I want to remember all the little things so when she hates me when she’s a teen, I can whip these posts out and remember the good ole days. *SOB*

18 months is such a fun age. She’s changing rapidly and learning new words all the time.

I frequently ask her, “do you want me to help you?” and now she always says “PELPYOU PELPYOU” when she wants help. Close kid. Close.

She says “horses”, but it sounds like “ass”, so naturally, I chuckle with my inner 12-year-old self.

She enjoys showering with me, but the feeling isn’t mutual. Today she decided that she wanted to do laps around me while I was washing my hair. Before you think I have this big “horse” (he-he) shower, we don’t. We have a small stand up shower so I was basically square dancing with her as she was doing these laps. And we all thought the square-dancing lesson in grade school was useless.

I had to run out for an errand, and she thought she was coming with me. I usually take her everywhere, but I was going to the hair salon. She kept saying “byeeeeee” to daddy as if she was leaving, but when she realized I was going alone, she broke my heart.

It wasn’t the normal scream/obsession/angry cry for mom. Tears filled her eyes and her lips quivered. That’s it, no screaming, just pure sadness as the tears fell from her eyes. It was simultaneously the saddest thing and the cutest thing all at the same time. I’m truly living in the ‘good ole days’.

She chose a comfort animal ‘Owl’ while we were at the lake house. (ICYMI: We spent about a little short of two months in NH this past summer.) She sleeps with Owl every night. I felt a little guilty about it. She chose something to comfort her when she was in a new place, and now she needs it to sleep. Before you try to comfort me and say, ‘it’s just a phase’ and it very well could be just that—a phase, I am a self-proclaimed expert in comfort objects. Just ask anyone in my family. It comes up every holiday. Every.Single.One.

She has quite the confidence. Recently, she was staring at herself in the mirror. I leaned in to get a kiss, and she proceeded to push me away and kiss her own reflection. That freshie.

She’s still a tornado, wreaking havoc on my fall décor as I briefly show in [Instagram] stories. The pumpkins don’t even stand a chance. But I can’t complain, because I still choose to decorate. I set myself up for failure. Please keep me in your thoughts during the challenging time of Christmas decorating.

Photo evidence of her pumpkin throwing. I HAVE PROOF.

She walks with me everywhere. It’s the cutest. Her tiny hand grips my fingers and there’s not a single drop of sass. Just cute hand holding.

The other day, while we were still in Target, I decided to take her out of the cart and leave the cart in the store instead of dragging it to the parking lot and returning it to a cart corral.

She was walking beside me. Her cute and tiny hands gripping my hand. We were almost to the car before I realized one of her shoes was gone. She was walking with ONLY ONE SHOE ON and I didn’t even notice. Thankfully the shoe was in the cart, but I’m sure it was a funny sight to see.

You’ll never guess her jam. It’s the milkshake song. If you live under a rock and don’t know what song that is, [here it is on Youtube]. It’s completely inappropriate, but she heard it once and now she loves to rock out to it daily. I fear the day she knows how to operate our Google Home.

We tried a new cereal and it has 3 different flavors. So, naturally, she favors the chocolate flavor and won’t eat the others. And that’s all she wants to eat. Just the chocolate cereal pieces. If you need me, I’ll be sorting the cereal flavors like the underpaid assistant I always dreamed of being.

I swear she said “love you” today. “Mum?” “What honey?” “Love you.” I’ll take it. I’ll sort out the chocolate cereal pieces if it gets me more “I love you’s” any day.

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  1. Oh Bri there are no words. So beautifully written. Enjoy every moment. You will blink and she will be in grade school. Enjoy her and all her little sassyness! ❤❤❤😘

    1. Thanks for the kind words Nani! 💕

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