20 Months Old

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I swore I wasn’t going to be one of those people who say their baby’s age in months, but here we are. My kiddo is 20 months old, today!

Murphy’s law of toddlers: Anything that can be touched, will be touched. Having a toddler is like having a wild monkey in the house. Touching all the things. Climbing all the things. Wreaking all the havoc.

Our Christmas decorations are up and every single morning, she excitedly runs down to her tree and insists we plug it in. It warms my heart.

We’re on the tip of the talking iceberg

Now she’s just over 20 months and saying new words daily. My favorite thing she says now is “Yes.” It makes communicating so easy.

The girl loves the fries. All the fries. The second she’s strapped into her car seat she says “fries?” We drive by the golden arches. “Fries?”

We drive by Target (even if we aren’t stopping there) and she squeals with joy “PUPPY PUPPY” because she is obsessed with the Target mascot dog.

Also, she says “tree” at every.single.tree.on.the.road. It’s cute, but also WHY.

Her favorite pastime is to say “Mum” as many times as it takes until I reply, “WHAT??” to which she responds, “hi.” [Actual footage of this here.] I didn’t think this was a thing that happens in real life just like I didn’t think I’d say my baby’s age in months. It just happens.

Silence isn’t always a good thing

If it’s silent, I know she’s up to no good. It’s the classic toddler m.o. She disappears so fast and before I can figure out where she went, she’s wreaking all the havoc. All of it.

She will run up to the second floor loft, faster than I can pour myself a coffee, turn on her piano, and start playing it. Badly, of course, just smashing all the keys all at once. How many keys can I press at once with my teeny hands? Also, the piano is right outside of Jeff’s home office, so he sure loves the piano smashing on conference calls.

Today, she somehow took the spool of floss out of it’s dispenser and started gnawing on it. Gnawing into the whole spool. She also has boogies running into her mouth (sorry for that imagery), but I’m sure you understand why I instantly threw it out. I didn’t even realize you could take the floss out of the container.

A few of her favorite things…

I showed her one of my favorite songs: [Ophelia by the Lumineers]. She’s obsessed and she sings it to tell me she wants to play it. Well, kinda. “Ah ah ah ah ah” is all she sings so far. (It’s part of the song). If you haven’t heard it, it’s the kind of mellow indie rock song you’d play road-tripping through the mountains in Vermont.

Her favorite movie is the new Grinch movie. She calls it the “itch” and she wants to watch it on repeat. She doesn’t understand the struggle of rewinding VHS and it shows. I am careful with screen time, but yanno, sometimes this mum needs to make dinner or empty the dishwasher without a tiny human screaming and gripping my legs like her tiny life is in danger. Anytime I try to do something that doesn’t involve her, she acts like the world is ending.

Shes super cuddly out of nowhere and I love it. It’s adorable and I wish it would last forever. She’s my little cuddle bug. We snuggle and watch the “itch” together. I snuggle her a little longer in case she’s my only cuddle bug. I can’t believe she’s approaching 24 months, I mean 2!

Next week I hope to have our Christmas letter up. Stay tuned!

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  1. Rebecca Skowyra says: Reply

    Awww my little peanut! I called Jeff and heard her say “tree” about 20 times while I was on the phone 🙂

    1. She’s obsessed with the Christmas trees!

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