Our Christmas Letter 2019

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Welcome to our second family Christmas letter! I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I wrote the last one. I’ll link [last year’s Christmas letter here], and I’ll also link it at the end if you want to read it after.

Hold up. Let me just say that in a few short days it will be 2020. LIKE. WHAT.

Is it just me, or does time FLY? I was just saying to Jeff the other day that I don’t remember what life was like when our babe was an infant. I’m looking to blame the sleep deprivation and it’s toll on the mom brain. It was a blur.

Our summer was one for the books

The most notable thing from the year is that we are very blessed to have a place at the lake in NH! We just love it up there. There’s something peaceful about it and puts my entire family in a good mood.

Our kiddo enjoyed the summer months with her cousins at the beach at the lake! It was a great summer.

I hope they reenact this one when they are older.

I finally feel like I have roots

We’re still living in Minnesota, and I finally feel like I have roots. It only took two years, but I can confidentially drive around the local area with minimal use of my gps. I’m patting myself on the back as we speak. AND, they put in a Dunkins’ close to my house. Do I go? Nope. Just seeing the orange and pink sign makes me feel like I’m in New England.

FAQ: I get this question a lot. “Why do you have a lake house in New Hampshire and a house in Minnesota?” We moved to Minnesota for work, and all our family is in NH. After living in MN for two years, the opportunity arose to get a small space near our in-laws in NH, so we JUMPED ON IT. We love the lakes region in NH and it makes traveling back and forth a little easier.

Our kiddo was an owl for Halloween!

Jeff and I have a new obsession with Chick-fil-a. A little bit random, but we eat there too much to admit. Are my pants getting tighter, or is it just me?

Jeff totaled two cars in a week in October. That was insane. Thankfully he was 100% fine, but it was surely a crazy turn of events.

Oh! Just last week, my Dad and I (mostly my dad haha) painted this mural in my kiddo’s room at the lake house! I was so excited that he could do this for us.

Where did the year go?

To be honest, I’m really running out of material here. Jeff is a super-dad and I wouldn’t be able to do life without him. Our kiddo takes up a lot of my time, and now I’m wondering how a year flew by and yet I am having a hard time writing up what we did. What day is it? Where am I? What is happening? Are these boogies are my shirt? Is this a cheez-it smushed on the floor of my car? How did she get that sharpie? WHY IS SHE STANDING ON THE TABLE?

I think that is where my year went. Keeping the tiny human tornado alive. Here is [her latest 20 month update].

I’ll end this by sending positivity your way, 2020 will be our year!

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  1. Love your write up of the past year. Yes, time flies by so fast so don’t take it for granted. I know you wont! Oh…. loved your Christmas card! Merry Christmas to you guys. You will be missed, as always. 😉😘❤

    1. Thank you for reading Nani! Merry Christmas!

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